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Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Friday - October 22, 2010 - Around the House

I did not have time to take photos this week... until about an hour ago.  It is really cold here. 27F wind chill. Brrrr. I took a walk around the house with my camera. Here's what I found.

One of my Abraham Darby roses is still blooming and budding!

The Ascelpius pods are opening. Wonder where I'll find Ascelpius next year?

I don't know the name of this bush, but it's pretty!

Some of the Azaleas are still blooming a bit.

One of the Dogwoods.
(How can you tell if a tree is a Dogwood? By its bark.)

The last of the Echinacea?

The Helenium is blooming also!

A Sedum - it's supposed to be blooming now.

Happy Friday!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo Friday - October 15, 2010 - Autumn

We've had a funny Autumn this year. The leaves start turning, it rains really hard, the leaves turn brown. Repeat. So before the next downpours I captured a bit of Fall to share.

I had to run some errands this morning. The road I usually take was deeply cut up for repaving in part. I took the scenic route home and stopped to take some pictures. I always carry a camera.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Apple Picking - October 3, 2010 - Photos

I did not share photos on Friday so here are some that I took today.

My small humans and I decided to go apple picking. I've been going to the orchard that we visited today since I was a kid - well over 40 years!  I've taken my small humans for the last decade or so.

Some views


Pumpkin Soccer

After we picked apples, we visited the corn maze.

 I never noticed the bottom of the corn stalks before:

The corn maze was a lot of fun. We hope to go back for the spooky Halloween corn maze later this month. After the maze we saw some horses in a field near the maze. It was chilly. They were wearing jackets.

Next we visited the orchard's store and the petting zoo. We picked up a beautiful pumpkin pie that was still warm from the oven. I'd share a photo, but it's been eaten already. We also purchased some apple cider and cider donuts. The petting zoo had 2 goats, a llama, a cow, and a sheep. The goats had unusual eyes.

 Our last stop was the Giant Pumpkin.

I love the Fall. There is so much to do each weekend. I'll share more of our 'adventures' here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Fall in New England

A few more photos of Fall around here. It still amazes me how quickly the leaves change. This is a photo of my favorite tree in town. It was completely green 2 days ago.

Here are some random pictures taken above the big lake in town. I used to sail on the lake when I was a kid.

One of the roads above the lake.

An old wall that is still maintained.

The view towards the lake.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall in New England

Fall in New England - there is a bit of a chill in the air, the leaves are putting on their autumnal show, apple orchards are bursting with fruit, and our thoughts turn to… alpacas! I kid you not.

We spent a good part of Sunday at the AlpacaFest hosted by Southwinds Farm. Alpacas are camelids, which makes them relatives of camels, dromedaries, llamas, vicuñas, and guanacos. Alpacas are valued for their wool. Their wool is exceptionally soft. Not only that, but they are beautiful animals.

This is a photo of Turtle Pond, which is in walking distance of my home. The trees are turning, and it's starting to look like Fall...

Pictures of the alpacas:

While I enjoy Fall, it's my second favorite season. I prefer Spring. Possibly because I like to garden; possibly because winter is over; possibly because I was born in the Spring.

Qwill's Qwestion: Any non-native animals near where you live? or What's your favorite season and why?